We manage your claims so you can reclaim your time.

The SBSC Advantage

Since our inception over 28 years ago, our mission and philosophy has remained the same: maximize collections, improve revenue certainty and reduce the cost of service for our clients.

Our unique approach to streamlining benefits verification, coding, insurance billing and receivables management comes through decades of experience with a broad client base. Whether you are a hospital, community health or urgent care center, provider group or private practice, our state-of-the-art software, proactive credentialing service, deep specialty knowledge and dedicated support staff will help you achieve desired results.

Customized Services. Measurable Results.

We deliver fast turnaround, dependable follow-through, and consistent and profitable outcomes. Our clients see an average of 15% increase in revenue, an average net collection rate of over 96%, and less than 10% in accounts receivable over 60 days. We have proven business solutions.

So, how can we help you?

Client Stories

It is easy for us to say that we stand out from our competition, based on the feedback and experiences that our clients share with us. How about we let some of our clients do the talking?

The Hard Things

Revenue cycle management is complex. It helps to be at the forefront of emerging payment models. Let us help you find solutions for your medical, behavioral health and addiction treatment services that improve your collections and revenue, and simultaneously reduce your overall cost of service - a true win-win.