We master the reimbursement nuances of medical and mental health care.

We know credentialing, verifying benefits, obtaining authorizations, proper coding, or managing outstanding receivables can be frustrating.

And even if you have the grit to deal with insurance companies and payment collections, do you have the time? Let us help you.

Who Is SBSC?

SBSC was founded by Nancy Nager, a psychiatric nurse whose outreach practice provided care for medical and behavioral health patients. She felt that there was something missing: specialists that understood the reimbursement requirements for a psychiatry practice. She needed a company that knew the nuances of medical and mental health care and that could be available every step of the way.

Since our inception, we have worked relentlessly to ensure that the medical and mental health community does not feel like something is missing. It has been over 28 years since we started, but our mission remains the same: to maximize collections, improve revenue certainty and reduce the cost of service for our clients by collecting more, faster and consistently at the highest allowable level.

Why Us?

We specialize in a broad range of services throughout the entire revenue cycle, starting from facility licensing, program start-up, payor contracting, provider credentialing through billing and receivables management. We have extensive experience in Medicaid, Medicare, Managed Care and commercial insurance carriers all over the United States, and we work with them all from our head- quarters in Newton, Massachusetts.

We Are Cost Competitive.

We offer competitive rates and are transparent about budget. Plus, our fees are directly tied to our performance; we get paid only when we deliver results. A true win-win!

We Have Proven Success.

We boast an average collection rate of over 96%. Why? Simple: we have the clinical expertise, operational experience and financial focus it takes to do the job right.

We are Field Experts.

Are you working with an existing electronic charting or health record system? We can sync your technology and ours to allow for seamless integration that eliminates duplicate data entry and provides 100% transparency.

We Are Adaptable.

In the fast-paced billing environment, you should get answers when you need them. That is why our team is accessible whenever possible. You have a question? Do not hesitate to call.

We Are Responsive.

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, which means we can pair you with a representative that is well-versed in your specific needs. Our longstanding relationships with payors and agencies alike have made us a standout amongst our peers.